Read Data Command Sequence - 3.2 English

PG153 AXI Quad SPI Product Guide

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3.2 English

1.Reset RX and TX FIFOs through SPICR.

2.Issue the read data command (1) (2) into SPIDTR to read data from any specific sector followed by the flash sector address.

3.Fill SPIDTR with the dummy data to read required data from the flash.

4.Issue chip select by writing 0x00 to SPISSR(70h).

5.Enable master transaction by deasserting the SPICR master inhibit bit.

6.Deassert chip select by writing 0x01 to SPISSR.

7.Disable master transaction by asserting SPICR master inhibit bit

8.Read SPIDRR, to get the Read data that is received from the SPI bus.

1.Refer to the respective SPI slave (flash) data sheet to know which commands to issue.

2.Write/Read commands vary with respect to the mode (Standard/Dual/Quad) used.