XPIO_VREF Primitive

Versal Adaptive SoC SelectIO Resources Architecture Manual (AM010)

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Table 1. XPIO_VREF Attributes
Attribute Values Description
ISTANDARD See XP IOB Supported Standards and set the same IOSTANDARD value used in the nibble The nibble’s input IOSTANDARD must be defined when the XPIO_VREF unisim is used.
VREF_NIB VREF_FABRIC When using the XPIO_VREF primitive to adjust the VREF level for a nibble, VREF_FABRIC must be selected.
VOH (optional) 80 Only set this attribute when SSTL15 is being used to interface to a SSTL18 compatible VREF level (i.e., centered around 900 mV). In this case, VOH should be set to 80. Care must be taken when interfacing to SSTL18 drivers. Data sheet input thresholds must be verified, and external termination must be used.
Table 2. XPIO_VREF Ports
Port I/O Description
FABRIC_VREF_TUNE[9:0] Input Tunes VREF from the interconnects logic
VREF Output Provides VREF to IBUFE3