Versal Adaptive SoC SelectIO Resources Architecture Manual (AM010)

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Several input and bidirectional primitives have an IBUFDISABLE port that can disable the input buffer and force the O output of the internal logic to a logic Low when the IBUFDISABLE signal is asserted High. The USE_IBUFDISABLE attribute must be set to TRUE, the IBUFDISABLE port must be controlled, and the SIM_DEVICE attributes (for example, VERSAL_PRIME and VERSAL_AI_CORE) appropriately set for this primitive to have the expected behavior that is specific to the Versal architecture. This feature can be used to reduce power at times when the I/O is idle.
Important: The IBUFDISABLE feature can only be used on differential and VREF based standards. Neither LVCMOS nor the MIPI_DPHY LP input are impacted by IBUFDISABLE.