XP IOB Features, Attributes, and Constraints

Versal Adaptive SoC SelectIO Resources Architecture Manual (AM010)

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The XP IOB provides a variety of termination options to support the available I/O standards. XP IOBs provide several different types of driver control, calibrated termination, and bias control. The XP IOB drivers have several features that allow for an optimal driver to be used in a system. Single-ended and pseudo-differential drivers have the ability to have driver strength and edge_rate optimized through the DRIVE, SLEW, or OUTPUT_IMPEDANCE attributes. Similarly, the XP IOB receivers are equipped with internal calibrated on-die termination, differential termination, and weak bias solutions that are capable of holding an undriven line value or providing a DC bias point to an AC-coupled link. The ability to control driver attributes and receive termination and biasing allows great flexibility, signal quality, and simplicity when compared to other board-level solutions.