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Versal Adaptive SoC SelectIO Resources Architecture Manual (AM010)

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The following table shows the revision history for this document.

Section Revision Summary
03/18/2024 Version 1.5
IO_VR Updated section.
Single Data Rate Flip-Flops and Uncalibrated IOB Delay Updated note about tristate control.
Figure 1 and Figure 1 Updated figure.
Table 2
  • Updated note about DQS_BIAS.
Table 4 and Table 3
  • Removed RTT_48 for LVSTL.
  • Updated RDRV_48_48 allowed value for OUTPUT_IMPEDANCE.
Table 5, Table 8, Table 2, and Table 6 Removed support for RTT_NONE.
Figure 1 Updated IOBUF_DCIEN.
Table 1 Added RTT_NONE to allowed values for ODT.
Table 4 Updated note 1.
Table 2 and Table 2 Removed VREF.
Adjusting Receiver VREF Levels
  • Added description of how to use XPIO_VREF successfully.
  • Clarified equation and example.
Table 1 Clarified description of VREF_NIB.
Calibrated Termination (Digitally Controlled Impedance) Removed specific reference to bank 700 to make applicable to more devices with IO_VR pins.
Differential Termination Attribute Updated description of differential termination.
XP IOB Pre-emphasis and Equalization Updated description of PRE_EMPHASIS attribute.
HD IOL Features Clarified ODELAY sharing between data and tristate.
Table 1 Removed output primitive support for LVDS, SLVS, and LVPECL.
10/21/2022 Version 1.4
FIFO Updated description of FIFO_RD_CLK.
Controlling FIFO Modes Added SYNC and BYPASS usage descriptions and timing waveforms.
Table 1 Clarified that PHY_WREN/PHY_RDEN must be deasserted during the reset sequence and when issuing a BS_RESET from the RIU interface.
Table 1
  • Updated description of 2-stage synchronizer for CONTINUOUS_DQS.
  • Rewrote description of DELAY_VALUE.
Uncalibrated IOB Delay Added description of shared clock in IOLOGIC.
Table 8 Added RTT_NONE for POD12 to ODT.
XP IOB Supported Differential Standards Updated table headers to reflect differential UNISIMs.
Table 3 and Table 6 Added RTT_NONE to ODT.
MIPI-DPHY Output Buffer Primitive Updated description of HSTX_I for OBUFDS_DPHY_COMP primitive.
Table 2 Updated HSTX_I port description for OBUFDS_DPHY_COMP primitive.
Table 1 Expanded description of ISTANDARD and VREF_NIB attributes.
XP IOB Pre-emphasis and Equalization Removed AC coupling requirement and clarified pre-emphasis usage.
HD IOL Features Added sentence about shared clocking resources on IOLOGIC site.
03/02/2022 Version 1.3
Bidirectional Datapath Removed inter-nibble clocking from first PHY_RDEN bullet.
FIFO Updated title of Figure 1 and added Figure 2.
Controlling Tristate Control Added Figure 1 and Figure 2.
Ports Added note about high-performance interfaces.
Controlling TX to RX Loopback Clarified inter-nibble and inter-byte clocking when using TX to RX loopback.
Table 21 Clarified crse_dly bs_reset latency in description of bit [14].
Table 1 Removed inter-byte clocking from description of PHY_RDEN.
Uncalibrated IOB Delay
  • Clarified explanation of per tap delay.
  • Added note explaining timing analysis considerations with the IDELAYE5/ODELAYE5.
XP IOB Primitives
  • Updated OBUFDS_DPHY description.
XP IOB Supported Single-Ended Standards Expanded description of SSTL15 IOSTANDARD.
MIPI-DPHY Output Buffer Primitive
  • Added OBUFDS_DPHY_COMP primitive and port description.
  • Updated HSTX_I description in Table 2.
XPIO_VREF Primitive Added Table 1.
XP IOB Internal VREF Updated first paragraph.
Adjusting Receiver VREF Levels
Table 1 Added columns for estimated gain.
XP IOB Features, Attributes, and Constraints, IOSTANDARD, Drive, Slew Control and the VOH Attribute, and IBUF_LOW_PWR Attribute Updated sections.
HD IOL Features
  • Added description of data to tristate race condition.
  • Updated description of uncalibrated IOB delay.
HD IOB Resources Adjusted performance guidance for HDIO and modified data rate.
HD IOB Features Added IOSTANDARD constraint description.
04/02/2021 Version 1.2
XP XPHY Clarified that IOL and XPHY must be used independently, and that the nibble dictates inter-nibble clock capabilities.
XPHY Nibble
  • Updated sentence about XPHY NIBBLESLICEs.
  • In sections where CONTINUOUS_DQS = TRUE, changed "strobe" to "capture clock."
Bidirectional Datapath
  • Clarified that PHY_RDEN affects both inter-nibble and inter-byte clocking.
  • Added that PHY_RDEN must be set to 0 prior to issuing a bs_reset.
Clocking Clarified NIBBLESLICE[1]'s involvement in receiving a complementary clock.
Controlling Delays
  • Updated note about jumps greater than eight taps.
  • Updated note about interfaces with REFCLK_FREQUENCY below 500 MHz.
  • Added description of align_delay.
  • Added sentence about NIBBLESLICE[0].
  • Added paragraph before Figure 3.
FIFO Added SYNC and BYPASS modes.
Controlling Tristate Control Added note that the delay for the tri-state control must be updated through the RIU interface.
Table 2 Updated Controlled By column for delay calibration and VTC.
Controlling TX to RX Loopback Added sentence that TXRX_LOOPBACK_# is not supported when SERIAL_MODE = TRUE.
Controlling IBUF_DISABLE and DYN_DCI Added paragraph about how PHY_RDEN is translated to DYN_DCI/IBUF_DISABLE. Updated notes 1 and 2 in Table 1.
Register Interface Unit
  • Updated Figure 2.
  • Updated description of bit [1] in Table 4.
  • Added sentence about setting PHY_WREN = 0 to description of bit [2] in Table 4.
  • Added sentence about applying a bs_reset to description of bit [13] in Table 5 and Table 6, and bit [14] in Table 21.
  • Updated description of bits [5:0] in Table 23.
Table 1
  • Updated description of CE, CTRL_CLK, INC, LD, PHY_RDEN, RIU_WR_EN, RX_EN_VTC, TX_EN_VTC, and FIFO_EMPTY.
  • Updated clock domain of Q0, Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, and Q5.
Table 1 Updated description of CONTINUOUS_DQS, FIFO_MODE_<0-5>, RX_CLK_PHASE_N, RX_CLK_PHASE_P, RX_GATING, and TXRX_LOOPBACK_<0-5>.
Reset Sequence Clarified that NIBBLESLICE[0] must be used for proper output delay calibration of each NIBBLESLICE in a nibble.
XPHY Usage Added paragraph about BLI flip-flops.
Table 2 Added note to explain when input VCCO levels can be modified.
XP IOB Supported Single-Ended Standards Updated JEDEC standard references to reflect 1.2V and 1.5V LVCMOS standards.
XP IOB IBUFDISABLE Updated description of SIM_DEVICE attributes.
Single Data Rate Flip-Flops Replaced NIBBLESLICE with IOL.
HD IOB Supported Single-Ended Standards Added JEDEC specifications JESD8-7A and JESD8-5A to include 2.5V and 1.8V LVCMOS standards.
Table 1, Table 2, Table 1, Table 2, Table 1, Table 2, Table 1, and Table 2 Clarified that IBUFDISABLE is not supported in HD IOB.
Table 1 Removed support for 2 mA from DRIVE attribute.
11/24/2020 Version 1.1
  • Removed bullet about XPHY UNISIM primitive.
  • Updated bullet about QBC and DBC functionality.
Bidirectional Datapath and Controlling IBUF_DISABLE and DYN_DCI Added new sections.
Table 2 Updated Connection (RX) column for CLK_TO_LOWER, CLK_TO_UPPER.
  • Removed description of tap value from note.
  • Added sentence that CRSE delay cannot be controlled through the PL.
Controlling Delays Updated section and added Figure 3.
Controlling FIFO Modes Added note about not registering FIFO_EMPTY as part of the FIFO_RDEN = !FIFO_EMPTY connection.
Tristate Control Rewrote section.
Controlling Tristate Control Rewrote first sentence.
Table 2 Updated second bullet in Controlled By column for VTC.
Controlling IBUF_DISABLE and DYN_DCI Added PHY SM description and sequence.
Register Interface Unit
  • Added references to Ports and Attributes sections in most tables.
  • Updated description of bit [2] in Table 4.
Table 4 Updated description of bits [0], [1], and [2].
Table 5 Updated description of bit [13].
Table 23 Added new table.
Table 26 Updated description of bits [9:0].
Table 1 Updated description of PHY_RDEN, PHY_WREN, DYN_DCI, RST, TX_RST, and IBUF_DISABLE.
Table 1 Updated description of CONTINUOUS_DQS, ODT_SRC_<0-5>, RX_GATING, TX_INIT_<0-5>, and TX_INIT_TRI.
Reset Sequence Updated section, including both figures.
XPHY Usage Added Tcl commands to change time value of input and output delays of a NIBBLESLICE.
Table 4, Table 5, Table 6, Table 7, Table 8, Table 9, Table 1, Table 2, Table 3, Table 4, Table 5, Table 6, and Table 7 Removed OFFSET_CNTRL attribute.
Table 2 and Table 2 Updated description of OSC[3:0], OSC_EN[1:0], and VREF.
Table 1 Added VOH (DIFF_SSTL15 ONLY) attribute.
Table 4 Added note about bidirectional configuration on I/O standards.
Receiver Offset Control Removed section.
Differential Termination Attribute Added VCCO requirement for differential impedance block.
DQS_BIAS, DC_BIAS, and AC Coupling Updated DC_BIAS and AC Coupling Recommendations sections.
XP IOB Pre-emphasis and Equalization Updated first paragraph and Table 1.
HD IOL Features Updated DPLL section.
Single-Ended Input Buffer Primitives Removed IBUF_IBUFDISABLE throughout.
Figure 1 Added new figure.
Differential Input Buffer Primitives Replaced IBUFDISABLE with INTERMDISABLE throughout.
Differential Bidirectional Buffer Primitives Corrected primitive names throughout.
07/29/2020 Version 1.0
Initial release. N/A