Example 9: Low-Power Receive at D-PHY RX (Slave) Side - 4.3 English

MIPI D-PHY LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG202)

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4.3 English
The following figure shows a single-byte data reception in low-power mode.
  • The rxclkesc signal is generated by the MIPI D-PHY RX core from the data lane interconnect.
  • The signal rxlpdtesc is asserted by the MIPI D-PHY RX core when the LPDT entry command is detected and stays High until the data lane returns to the Stop state, indicating that the LPDT transmission has finished.
  • rxdataesc[7:0] is valid when rxvalidesc is asserted High.
Figure 1. Low-Power Data Reception at the D-PHY RX (Slave)