CL_STATUS Register - 4.3 English

MIPI D-PHY LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG202)

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4.3 English
CL_STATUS register (0x18 offset) provides clock lane status and state machine control. The following table provides CL_STATUS register bit description.
Table 1. CL_STATUS Register Bit Description
Bits Name Access Default Value Description
31:6 Reserved RO 0 Reserved
5 ERR_CONTROL RO 0 Clock lane control error. This bit is applicable only for the MIPI D-PHY RX core. This bit is asserted when D-PHY RX clock lane receives erroneous High-Speed entry sequence or ULPS entry sequence or ULPS exit sequence. This bit is cleared when D-PHY RX clock lane receives stopstate on the serial lines.
4 STOP_STATE RO 0 Clock lane is in the Stop state.
3 INIT_DONE RO 0 Set after the lane has completed initialization.
2 ULPS RO 0 Set to 1 when the core in ULPS (ULP State) mode.
1:0 MODE RO 0
  • 2’b00: Low Power Mode (Control Mode)
  • 2’b01: High Speed Mode
  • 2’b10: Escape Mode