DL_STATUS Register - 4.3 English

MIPI D-PHY LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG202)

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4.3 English
The DL_STATUS register (0x1C to 0x28, 0x64 to 0x70 offset) provides data lane status and state machine control. The following table provides the DL_STATUS register bit description.
Table 1. DL_STATUS Register Bit Description
Bits Name Access Default Value Description
31:16 PKT_CNT RO 0 Number of packets received or transmitted on the data lane. This field is updated using the rxbyteclkhs clock and the RX clock lane must be in high-speed mode when reset is applied to the D-PHY RX IP. Otherwise, this value does not get reset for MIPI D-PHY RX IP configuration.
15:7 Reserved RO 0 Reserved.
6 STOP_STATE RO 0 Data lane is in the Stop state.
5 ESC_ABORT R/W1C 0 This bit is set after the Data Lane Escape Timeout (Escape Mode Timeout in case of RX, or Escape Mode Silence Timeout in case of TX) is elapsed. Write-to-1 clears this bit.
4 HS_ABORT R/W1C 0 Set after the Data Lane High-Speed Timeout (HS_TX_TIMEOUT or HS_RX_TIMEOUT) has elapsed. Write to 1 clears this bit.
3 INIT_DONE RO 0 Set after the lane has completed initialization.
2 ULPS RO 0 Set to 1 when the core is in ULPS mode.
1:0 MODE RO 0
  • 2’b00: Low Power mode (control mode).
  • 2’b01: High Speed mode
  • 2’b10: Escape mode.