SysgenBlockDescriptor Member Variables - 2024.1 English

Vitis Model Composer User Guide (UG1483)

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2024.1 English
Type Member Description
String entityName Name of the entity or module.
String blockName Name of the black box block.
Integer numSimulinkInports Number of input ports on black box.
Integer numSimulinkOutports Number of output ports on the black box.
Boolean inputTypesKnown true if all input types are defined, and false otherwise.
Boolean inputRatesKnown true if all input rates are defined, and false otherwise.
Array of Doubles inputRates Array of sample periods for the input ports (indexed as in inport(indx)). Sample period values are expressed as integer multiples of the Simulink System Period value specified by the Model Composer Hub block.
Boolean error true if an error has been detected, and false otherwise.
Cell Array of Strings errorMessages Array of all error messages for this block.