Adding Signals to the Waveform Viewer Display - 2024.1 English

Vitis Model Composer User Guide (UG1483)

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2024.1 English

Inputs and outputs of blocks in the HDL Blockset can be displayed in the Waveform Viewer. The data necessary to draw each signal’s waveform is not stored with the design; it is generated by simulation. You can only display a signal’s waveform after you have added the signal to the Waveform Viewer and then simulated the model.

To add signals to the display in the Waveform Viewer:

  1. With the Waveform Viewer open, select a signal in the Vitis Model Composer model.

    You can also select multiple signals by using Shift + click to select additional signals.

    Note: For the Gateway In block, only the output signal can be displayed in the Waveform Viewer.
  2. Right-click one of the selected signals in the Model Composer model and select AMD Add to Viewer in the right-click menu.
    Note: If you select a signal that is currently displayed in the Waveform Viewer, the AMD Add to Viewer entry will not appear in the right-click menu.
    Figure 1. Add to Viewer Command

    The signal names of the selected signals appear in the Waveform Viewer.

  3. Only the names of the added signals appear in the Waveform Viewer, because the Waveform Viewer does not have the data to draw the signal’s waveform until you simulate the design.
  4. Simulate the model.
    Figure 2. Run Button

    After the simulation is finished, the waveforms for the added signals are displayed in the Waveform Viewer.