Configuration Wizard Fine Points - 2024.1 English

Vitis Model Composer User Guide (UG1483)

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2024.1 English

The configuration wizard automatically extracts certain information from the imported module when it is run, but some things must be specified by hand. These things are described below:

Note: The configuration function is annotated with comments that instruct you where to make these changes.
  • If your model has a combinational path, you must call the tagAsCombinational method of the block's SysgenBlockDescriptor object. A multiple independent hardware clock design will not support a combinational path.
  • The Configuration Wizard only knows about the top-level entity that is being imported. There are typically other files that go along with this entity. These files must be added manually in the configuration M-function by invoking the addFile method for each additional file or by using the addDirectory method once (that is, by keeping the dependent files in a separate directory).
  • The Configuration Wizard automatically creates either a synchronous single clock black box descriptor or an asynchronous multiple clock black box descriptor.
    • In the case of single-rate black box, every port on the black box runs at the same rate. In most cases, this is acceptable. You might want to explicitly set port rates, which can result in a faster simulation time.
    • In the case of a multiple clock black box, the input port rate must be derived from the "source clock subsystem" and the output port rate must be set based on the "destination clock subsystem." In some cases, you might want to explicitly set port rates for a required configuration.