Managing the HLS Block Cache - 2024.1 English

Vitis Model Composer User Guide (UG1483)

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2024.1 English

Vitis Model Composer creates a cache entry when you simulate a model with an imported block created using xmcImportFunction. When you simulate the model again, unless you make any changes to the function, or supporting source files, Model Composer will use the cached entry for the block to initiate the simulation faster. You can manage the simulation cache in Model Composer using the following command from the MATLAB command prompt:

>> xmcSimCache

The usage for this command is as follows.

Table 1. xmcSimCache Command Usage
Command Description
xmcSimCache('enable') Enable the simulation cache. This is enabled by default.
xmcSimCache('disable') Disable the simulation cache.
xmcSimCache('isEnabled') Returns the state of the simulation cache.
xmcSimCache('setLocation', <dir>) Specify a directory to use for the simulation cache. For example:
xmcSimCache('setLocation', 'C:/temp')
xmcSimCache('setDefaultLocation') Restore the simulation cache to its default location.
xmcSimCache('getLocation') Return the current location of the simulation cache.
xmcSimCache('clear') Clear the entire simulation cache.
xmcSimCache('clear', 'release', <version>) Clear simulation cache entries for the specified release version. For example:
xmcSimCache('clear', 'release', '2017.4')
xmcSimCache('clear', 'days', <number>) Clear simulation cache entries older than or equal to the specified number of days. For example:
xmcSimCache('clear', 'days', 30)
xmcSimCache('clear', 'id', <vals>) Clear simulation cache entries by the cache ID. For example:
xmcSimCache('clear', 'id', {'12345678', 'abcdefgh'})