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Vitis Model Composer User Guide (UG1483)

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2024.1 English

When defining a black box port interface, it is necessary to add input and output ports to the block descriptor. These ports correspond to the ports on the module you are importing. In your model, the black box block port interface is determined by the port names that are declared on the block descriptor object. SysgenBlockDescriptor provides methods for adding input and output ports:

Adding an input port:


Adding an output port:


The string parameter passed to methods addSimulinkInport and addSimulinkOutport specifies the port name. These names should match the corresponding port names in the imported module.

Note: Use lower case text to specify port names.

Adding a bidirectional port:

config_phase = this_block.getConfigPhaseString;
if (strcmpi(config_phase,'config_netlist_interface'))
 % Rate and type info should be added here as well

Bidirectional ports are supported only during the netlisting of a design and will not appear on the Model Composer diagram; they only appear in the generated HDL. As such, it is important to only add the bi-directional ports when Model Composer is generating the HDL. The if-end conditional statement is guarding the execution of the code to add-in the bi-directional port.

It is also possible to define both the input and output ports using a single method call. The setSimulinkPorts method accepts two parameters. The first parameter is a cell array of strings that define the input port names for the block. The second parameter is a cell array of strings that define the output port names for the block.

Note: The Configuration Wizard automatically sets the port names when it generates a configuration M-function.