Resource Analysis in Vitis Model Composer - 2024.1 English

Vitis Model Composer User Guide (UG1483)

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2024.1 English

To ensure that the HDL files generated by Vitis Model Composer will fit into your target device, you might need to analyze the resources being used. To help accelerate this process, resource analysis has been integrated into Model Composer.

Resource analysis allows you to determine the number of look-up tables (LUTs), registers, DSP48s (DSPs), and block RAMs (BRAMs) used by your model. The analysis is performed either Post-Synthesis or Post-Implementation and provides a mechanism to correlate the resources used in the AMD Vivado™ tools with the Model Composer model in Simulink® . Thus, you do not have to leave the Simulink modeling environment to investigate and determine areas where excessive resources are being used in your design.

Invoking resource analysis on a compilation target (for example, IP catalog) results in a tabulated display of blocks, and hierarchies showing LUT, Register, DSP, and block RAM resource usage. This is the Resource Analysis table. You can sort the contents of the table using any of the column metrics such as DSPs, etc. Also, cross probing is enabled between the table entries and the Simulink model to accelerate finding and fixing excessive resource usage in the model. Cross probing between the Resource Analysis table, and the Simulink model is accomplished by selecting (clicking) a row in the table. The corresponding block, or hierarchy in the model is highlighted in yellow.