HDL Utilities - 2024.1 English

Vitis Model Composer User Guide (UG1483)

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2024.1 English
Table 1. HDL Utilities
xilinx.analyzer Provides the interface between the Model Composer model and AMD Vivado™ timing paths.
xilinx.environment.getcachepath and xilinx.environment.setcachepath Used to get and set the path Model Composer uses to store the simulation cache.
xilinx.resource_analyzer Enables cross-probing between the Model Composer model and Vivado resource utilization data.
xlAddTerms Automatically adds sinks and sources to Model Composer models.
xlConfigureSolver Configures the Simulink® solver settings of a model to provide optimal performance during Model Composer simulation.
xlfda_denominator Returns the denominator of the filter object in an FDATool block.
xlfda_numerator Returns the numerator of the filter object in an FDATool block.
vmcGenerate Provides a programmatic way to invoke the Model Composer code generator.
vmchub_set_param Used to set parameter values in a HDL block.
xlGetReOrderedCoeff The xlGetReOrderedCoeff function provides the re-ordered coefficient set of a FIR Compiler block.
xlOpenWaveFormData Allow you to populate saved simulation waveform data into running Waveform Viewer instance.
xlSetUseHDL Sets the 'Use behavioral HDL' option of blocks in a model of a Subsystem.
xlTBUtils Provides programmatic access to several useful procedures such as layout, re-drawlines and getselected.