AXI Signal Groups - 2024.1 English

Vitis Model Composer User Guide (UG1483)

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2024.1 English

Vitis Model Composer HDL blocks found in the DSP library contain interfaces that conform to the AXI4 specification. Blocks with AXI4 interfaces are drawn such that ports relating to a particular AXI4 interface are grouped and colored in similarly. This makes it easier to identify data and control signals pertaining to the same interface. Grouping similar AXI4 ports together also make it possible to use the Simulink Bus Creator and Simulink Bus Selector blocks to connect groups of signals together. More information on AXI4 can be found in the section titled AXI Interface. For more detailed information on the AMBA AXI4 specification, please refer to the AMD AMBA AXI4 documents found at the AMBA AXI4 Interface Protocol page on the AMD website.