Shift Operations - 2024.1 English

Vitis Model Composer User Guide (UG1483)

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2024.1 English

This example shows how to implement bit-shift operations using the MCode block. Shift operations are accomplished with multiplication and division by powers of two. For example, multiplying by 4 is equivalent to a 2-bit left-shift, and dividing by 8 is equivalent to a 3-bit right-shift. Shift operations are implemented by moving the binary point position and if necessary, expanding the bit width. Consequently, multiplying a Fix_8_4 number by 4 results in a Fix_8_2 number, and multiplying a Fix_8_4 number by 64 results in a Fix_10_0 number.

The following shows the xlsimpleshift.m file which specifies one left-shift and one right-shift:

function [lsh3, rsh2] = xlsimpleshift(din)
  % [lsh3, rsh2] = xlsimpleshift(din) does a left shift
  % 3 bits and a right shift 2 bits. 
  % The shift operation is accomplished by
  % multiplication and division of power 
  % of two constant.
  lsh3 = din * 8;
  rsh2 = din / 4;

The following diagram shows the subsystem after compilation:

Figure 1. Shift Operations Generated by Your Tool