Vector Delay Delta - 2022.1 English

Vitis Model Composer User Guide (UG1483)

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2022.1 English

The Vector Delay Delta Block delays each vector element differently based on the given latency and delay latency values.

Hardware notes: A delay line is a chain, each link of which is an SRL16 followed by a flip-flop.


The delta latency parameter is used to generate each parallel path with different latency (for example, [Latency + Delta Latency * (i-1)], where i represents the channel number in a range from 1 to the SSR value).

The delta latency should be an integer and greater than or equal to -Latency/(SSR-1).

For example when SSR is set to '4', Latency is set to '1', and Delta Latency is set to '3' then the four channels from 1 to 4 are delayed by 1,4,7, and 10 sample times respectively.

Note: In the Vector Delay Delta block, all the parallel channels are delayed by an equal number of sample times provided by Latency parameter.

The Vector Delay Delta block implements a fixed delay of L cycles.

Block Parameters

Super Sample Rate (SSR): This configurable GUI parameter is primarily used to control processing of multiple data samples on every sample period. This blocks enable 1-D vector and/or complex data support for the primary block operation.

See the Xilinx® Vector Delay block for further information on using this block.