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Vitis Model Composer User Guide (UG1483)

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The Xilinx ROM block is a single port read-only memory (ROM).

Values are stored by word and all words have the same arithmetic type, width, and binary point position. Each word is associated with exactly one address. An address can be any unsigned fixed-point integer from 0 to d-1, where d denotes the ROM depth (number of words). The memory contents are specified through a block parameter. The block has one input port for the memory address and one output port for data out. The address port must be an unsigned fixed-point integer. The block has two possible Xilinx LogiCORE™ ™ implementations, using either distributed or block memory.

Block Parameters

The Block Parameters dialog box can be invoked by double-clicking the icon in your Simulink® model.

Basic tab
Parameters specific to the Basic tab are as follows.
Specifies the number of words stored; must be a positive integer.
Initial value vector
Specifies the initial value. When the vector is longer than the ROM depth, the vector's trailing elements are discarded. When the ROM is deeper than the vector length, the ROM's trailing words are set to zero. The initial value vector is saturated or rounded according to the data precision specified for the ROM.
Memory Type
Specifies whether the ROM will be implemented using Distributed ROM or Block ROM. Depending on your selection, the ROM will be inferred or implemented as follows when the design is compiled:
  • If the block will be implemented in Distributed memory, the Distributed Memory Generator v8.0 LogiCORE IP will be inferred or implemented when the design is compiled. This is described in Distributed Memory Generator LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG063).
  • If the block will be implemented in block RAM, the XPM_MEMORY_SPROM (Single Port ROM) macro will be inferred or implemented when the design is compiled. For information on the XPM_MEMORY_SPROM Xilinx Parameterized Macro (XPM), refer to UltraScale Architecture Libraries Guide (UG974).
Optional Ports
Provide reset port for output register
When selected, allows access to the reset port available on the output register of the Block ROM. The reset port is available only when the latency of the Block ROM is set to 1.
Initial value for output register
Specifies the initial value for output register. The initial value is saturated and rounded according to the data precision specified for the ROM.
Output tab
Parameters specific to the Output tab are as follows.
Output Type
Specify the data type of the output.
  • Boolean
  • Fixed-point
  • Floating-point
Arithmetic Type
If the Output Type is specified as Fixed-point, you can select Signed (2’s comp) or Unsigned as the Arithmetic Type.
Fixed-point Precision
Number of bits
Specifies the bit location of the binary point of the output number, where bit zero is the least significant bit.
Binary point
Position of the binary point. in the fixed-point output.
Floating-point Precision
Specifies single precision (32 bits).
Specifies double precision (64 bits).
Activates the field below so you can specify the Exponent width and the Fraction width.
Exponent width
Specify the exponent width.
Fraction width
Specify the fraction width.

Other parameters used by this block are explained in the topic Common Options in Block Parameter Dialog Boxes.

LogiCORE™ Documentation

Distributed Memory Generator LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG063)

UltraScale Architecture Memory Resources User Guide (UG573) - XPM_MEMORY_SPROM Macro (UltraRAM)

For the block memory, the address width must be equal to ceil(log2(d)) where d denotes the memory depth. The maximum width of data words in the block memory depends on the depth specified; the maximum depth is depends on the device family targeted. The tables below provide the maximum data word width for a given block memory depth.