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Vitis Model Composer User Guide (UG1483)

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2022.1 English
Table 1. Code Generation
Block Description
Vitis Model Composer Hub Control implementation of the model.
System Generator The System Generator token serves as a control panel for controlling system and simulation parameters, and it is also used to invoke the code generator for netlisting. Every Simulink model containing any element from the HDL Blockset must contain at least one System Generator token. Once a System Generator token is added to a model, it is possible to specify how code generation and simulation should be handled.
Note: The System Generator block will be deprecated in the 2022.2 release.
Table 2. Connectors
Block Description
AIE to HDL Connect the input port of an HDL block with the output port of an AI Engine kernel or AI Engine graph block using an AXI4-Stream interface.
AIE to HLS Connect an input port of an HLS kernel block to the output port of an AI Engine block in cases where the data type or complexity of the ports involved do not match.
HDL to AIE Connect the output ports of HDL blocks to the input ports of AI Engine blocks using the AXI4-Stream protocol.
HLS to AIE Connect an input port of an AI Engine Kernel or AI Engine Graph block to an output port of an HLS Kernel block in cases where the datatype or complexities of the ports involved does not match.
Table 3. Ports & Subsystems
Block Description
In1 Create input port for subsystem or external input
Out1 Create output port for subsystem or external output
Table 4. Signal Routing
Block Description
Bus Creator Create Signal Bus
Bus Selector Select signals from incoming bus
From Accept input from Goto block
Goto Pass block input to From blocks
Table 5. Sinks
Block Description
Display Show value of input
Scope Display signals generated during simulation
Stop Simulation Stop simulation when input is nonzero
Terminator Terminate unconnected output port
To File Write data to file
To Workspace Write data to workspace
Table 6. Tools
Block Description
DocBlock Create text that documents model and save text with model
To Fixed Size Takes a variable size vector as an input and produces a fixed size vector as output.
To Variable Size Takes a fixed sized vector input and produces a variable sized vector output. The maximum size of the output vector is specified by the Output Size parameter. If there is not enough samples to pack the output, the output will be an empty variable size signal.
Variable Size Signal to Workspace Save variable size signal data from your SimulinkĀ® simulation to the MATLABĀ® workspace.