Sum of Elements - 2022.1 English

Vitis Model Composer User Guide (UG1483)

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2022.1 English

Perform element-wise addition on the input, column-wise, row-wise, or in all dimensions


Math Functions / Math Operations


This block performs element-wise addition on a vector or matrix type input. If input is a scalar then this block operates as a pass-through. The output is a scalar type if input is a vector or a matrix and the Sum over parameter is set as All dimensions.

Data Type Support

Data type support for the block is:
  • The Sum of Elements block supports any floating-point, fixed-point, integer or Boolean data type.

  • The output type is a scalar or a vector depending on the dimensions of the input and the selection of the Sum over parameter.

  • The block can perform element-wise addition on real or complex number data.


Sum over

The Sum over parameter value is used to decide whether elements will be added in all dimensions or in one of the dimensions.

Following are settings for the Sum over parameter.

Table 1. Sum Over Parameter
Setting Description
All dimensions Add all elements of the input signal (output is scalar)
Specified dimension This option shows an edit box, Dimension, where the specific dimension value can be entered.


The Dimension parameter is displayed only if the Sum over parameter value is set to Specified dimension.

Settings for the Dimension parameter are:

Setting Description
1 Add input over row dimension. Output is a row matrix.
2 Add input over column dimension. Output is a column matrix.