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Vitis Model Composer User Guide (UG1483)

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2022.1 English

Element-wise reinterpretation of the input type into a compatible output type with the same bit width


Signal Attributes


The Reinterpret block provides a mechanism for interpreting a value from a different data type. You can specify the output data type with the restriction that the bit widths of input and output data types must match.

Figure 1. Reinterpret Block

In the above example, the input is of fixed-point signed number (x_sfix8_En2) represented with 8 bits, in which 2 bits are used for the fractional part (i.e., -4 = 1111 00.00). The Reinterpret block interprets the input type to unsigned fixed-point number (x_ufix8), represented with 8 bits as that of input, and no bits are used for the fractional part. The output becomes 240 (1111 0000).

Data Type Support

The data types of the input can be any integer, Boolean, fixed-point, or floating-point data type. The input can be any real or complex valued signal. If the input is real, the output is real. If the input is complex, the output is complex. The block supports scalar, vector, or matrix data.

Following are the supported output data types.

Table 1. Input/Output
Input Data Type Supported Output Data Type
double double, 64 bit fixed-point data
single single, int32, uint32, 32 bit fixed-point data
int8 int8, uint8, 8 bit fixed-point data
uint8 uint8, int8, 8 bit fixed-point data
int16 int16, uint16, half, 16 bit fixed-point data
int16 uint16, int16, half, 16 bit fixed-point data
uint16 int32, uint32, single, 32 bit fixed-point data
int32 int32, uint32, single, 32 bit fixed-point data
uint32 uint32, int32, single, 32 bit fixed-point data
bool bool, 1 bit fixed-point data
fixed Same bit width fixed-point data with different fractional widths, all native data types if the bit width matches
half half, int16, uint16, 16 bit fixed-point data type


Output data type

This parameter specifies the output data type for reinterpreting the input data. If fixed is specified more parameters are available.

Following are the settings for the Output data type parameter.

Table 2. Output Data Type Parameter
Setting Description
double Double precision floating point
single Single precision floating point
int8 8-bit signed integer
uint8 8-bit unsigned integer
int16 16-bit signed integer
uint16 16-bit unsigned integer
int32 32-bit signed integer
uint32 32-bit unsigned integer
boolean Boolean
fixed Fixed-point
half Half precision floating-point
data type expression

A string that specifies the output data type. See Working with Data Type Expression in the Vitis Model Composer User Guide (UG1483).