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The Xilinx Absolute block outputs the absolute value of the input.

Block Parameters

The Block Parameters dialog box can be invoked by double-clicking the icon in your Simulink® model.

Basic tab
This parameter allows you to specify the output precision for fixed-point arithmetic. Floating point arithmetic output will always be Full precision.
The block uses sufficient precision to represent the result without error.
User Defined
If you do not need full precision, this option allows you to specify a reduced number of total bits and/or fractional bits.
Fixed-point Output Type
Arithmetic type
Signed (2’s comp)
The output is a Signed (2’s complement) number.
The output is an Unsigned number.
Fixed-point Precision
Number of bits
Specifies the bit location of the binary point of the output number, where bit zero is the least significant bit.
Binary point
Position of the binary point. in the fixed-point output.

Refer to the section Overflow and Quantization.

Refer to the section Overflow and Quantization.

Other parameters used by this block are explained in the topic Common Options in Block Parameter Dialog Boxes.

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