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Vitis Model Composer User Guide (UG1483)

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2022.1 English


AI Engine/Tools


This block can be used as a source for the RTP input of an AI Engine block. When the RTP input is a scalar, the 'RTP Value' parameter should be a row vector. At each time step, the output is set to one of the elements of the vector starting with the first element. If an element of the vector is NaN, at the corresponding sampling time, the output will be an empty variable size signal.

If the RTP input is a vector, the 'RTP value' parameter should be a matrix. Each column represents an RTP input vector. A NaN column will produce an empty variable size signal output.


RTP Value
This represents the value which can be given as an input to an AI Engine block. This can be a scalar, vector, or a matrix and it accepts real or complex data.
Sample Time
Specifies the interval between the times that the RTP source block output can change during simulation.
Form output after final data
Represents a method to determine block output after the final data point.
This option sets the RTP block output to empty after final data.
Holding Final value
When this option is selected, block holds the final value.
Cyclic repetition
This option repeats the RTP block data from first value.