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Vitis Model Composer User Guide (UG1483)

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2022.1 English

Combines scalar and vector inputs into a larger vector output.


Signal Routing


The Mux block combines scalar and vector inputs into a larger vector. The elements of the inputs are concatenated starting from the first input at the top left. The block takes an input signal that is a scalar, a vector, a row matrix, or a column matrix with the limitation that it cannot support a row matrix signal, and a column matrix signal at the same time. If an input is a row vector or a column vector, then the output also takes that form. The output is a non-virtual vector meaning that its elements are stored in contiguous memory.

The number of inputs to the block is configurable using the Number of inputs block parameter. When the value of the block parameter is changed, the input ports are added or removed starting from the last port at the bottom left.

Figure 1. Mux Diagram
Note: This figure shows how the Mux block computes output port dimensions.

Data Type Support

  • The number of inputs is decided by value of the Number of inputs parameter.
  • The input signal can be a scalar, a vector (M), a row matrix (1xM), or column matrix (Mx1).
  • The block cannot have a row matrix and a column matrix as inputs at the same time.
  • All inputs must have the same data type, and the same numeric type either real or complex.
  • The Mux block supports all native data types (double, single, uint8, int8, uint16, int16, uint32, int32, and boolean), and Model Composer supported half and fixed-point data types.
  • The block has one output port.
  • The output data type and numeric type are the same as the inputs.
  • The output signal dimension depends upon the dimensions of the input signals.


Number of inputs

The value for the parameter must be a finite positive integer. When the value of the parameter changes, the input ports are either added or removed starting from the last port at the bottom left.

Table 1. Number of Inputs Settings
Choices Description
2 The block icon is initially created with two input ports.

A finite positive integer value.

The block icon is redrawn with the specified number of input ports.