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Vitis Model Composer User Guide (UG1483)

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2022.1 English

Element-wise division


Math Functions / Math Operations


The Divide block has two input ports and one output port. The output signal (quotient) is the result of element-wise division of the first input (dividend) by the second input (divisor).

Data Type Support

The data types of the dividend and divisor can be any integer, fixed point or floating point data type. Boolean dividends or divisors are not supported. The input signals can be real or complex. The input signals can be scalars, vectors or matrices. If neither input signal is scalar, they must either be vectors of the same length or matrices with the same number of rows and columns. When the output is integer or fixed point data type, the result is truncated to zero.

The output data type is chosen for maximal alignment with Vitis HLS. If the dividend and divisor are fixed point types and the fixed point parameters of the dividend are W1 (word length), FW1 (fractional length), and S1 (signedness), and the fixed point parameters of the divisor are W2, FW2, and S2, then the fixed point parameters of the quotient are as follows:

  • S = S1 ‖ S2
  • FW2 ≥ 0
    • W = W1 + FW2 + S2
    • FW = FW1
  • FW2 < 0
    • W = W1 +S2
    • FW = FW1 + FW2


The Divide block has no parameters.