Set Up the Connection in Vivado - 2023.2 English

Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine (XD100)

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2023.2 English
  1. Run the hardware server from the computer that connects to the target board. To do so, launch the hardware server from the computer that has a JTAG connection to the VCK190 board. hardware server

  2. Launch Vivado by issuing the command, vivado.

  3. Set up the Vivado Hardware Manager by clicking Flow -> Hardware Manager, and click Open target.

  4. Select Open New Target, and click Next.

  5. Add the Host Name as you see in step 5, and click Next.

  6. After a successful connection to your host, you can verify the hardware devices arm_dap_0,xcvc1902_1, and click Next.

  7. Click Finish.

  8. Under the Hardware Device Properties window, click the ellipsis (…) to select the generated probe file from ${PROJECT_PATH}/tutorial.ltx.

  9. After the hardware device got refreshed, you can observe the following messages in the Tcl Console:

    Processed interface mm2s_s_ila1_slot0
    Processed interface vitis_design_s2mm_1_0_s_ila1_slot1
    Processed interface vitis_design_s2mm_2_0_s_ila1_slot2
  10. Click the hw_ila_1 as follows: hw_ila_1

  11. Select the + button from the Trigger Setup - hw_ila_1 window, and select the TVALID signal probes, and click OK. add probes

  12. Once the probes are added, select 1 (logical one) from the dropdown in the Value column for all three probes. This is required to capture the signals when TVALID is high.

  13. Observe the Core status as IDLE in the Settings-hw_ila_1 window. Now, select the >(Play) button at the top to capture the configured signals, and observe the status changes to Waiting for Trigger as follows: ILA status

  14. Wait for the ILA to be ready to capture signals, and run the application on the VCK190 board.

    ./host.exe a.xclbin
  15. Expect to see the following result: ILA run After completing above steps, you are able to see the captured-related AXI signals and data are shown in a waveform with timing information from Vivado.