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Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine (XD100)

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2023.2 English

The boot directory includes all the files described in the BIF file that must also be provided. The contents of the image directory are copied in the FAT32 partition of the final SD card image. In the beamforming example, the boot directory contains the bl31.elf, and u-boot.elf, and system.dtb files generated by PetaLinux. Later on, Vitis compiler (v++) looks for files in the boot directory and replaces the placeholders with real file names and paths. It then calls Bootgen to generate the boot.bin file.

### Create the Linux domain
domain create -name xrt -proc psv_cortexa72 -os linux -image $SW_COMP/src/a72/xrt/image
domain config -boot $SW_COMP/src/boot
domain config -bif $SW_COMP/src/a72/xrt/linux.bif
domain config -pmcqemu-args $SW_COMP/src/qemu/lnx/pmc_args.txt
domain config -qemu-args $SW_COMP/src/qemu/lnx/qemu_args.txt
domain config -qemu-data $SW_COMP/src/boot