4. Package the Design - 2023.2 English

Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine (XD100)

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2023.2 English

With all the AI Engine outputs and the new platform created, you can now generate the packaged SD card directory contains everything to run your generated application and .xclbin. In addition to packaging, the emconfigutil command is used to generate the device, board, and device tree details (emconfig.json) which are required by XRT before loading the xclbin.

To package the design, run the following command:

make package


emconfigutil --platform $PLATFORM_REPO_PATHS/xilinx_vek280_es1_base_202320_1/xilinx_vek280_es1_base_202320_1.xpfm --nd 1

followed by

cd ./sw
v++ -p -t sw_emu \
    --package.defer_aie_run \
    --platform $PLATFORM_REPO_PATHS/xilinx_vek280_es1_base_202320_1/xilinx_vek280_es1_base_202320_1.xpfm \
    --package.out_dir ./package.sw_emu \
    ../tutorial.xsa ../libadf.a
cd ..

NOTE: By default the --package flow will create a a.xclbin automatically if the -o switch is not set.

The following table describes the packager options:

Switch/flag Description
defer_aie_run Tells the packager at boot to not start the AI Engine and let the host application control it.
out_dir Specifies the package output directory.