Changes to the Filter Graph from Part 1 - 2023.2 English

Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine (XD100)

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2023.2 English

For Part 3, you are going to increase the performance of the design by adjusting the TP_CASC_LEN parameter on the chan_FIR filter.

In system_settings.h, the following parameter has been changed:

#define AIES_CHAN         5

informing the library element to allocate 5 AI Engines to the FIR filter kernel.

In fir_graph.h, the only change here is using a for loop to lock the location constraints of the chan_FIR AI Engine tiles.

        for (int i=0; i < AIES_CHAN; i++)  {
                location<kernel>(chan_FIR.m_firKernels[i]) = tile(18+i, 0);
        location<kernel>(hb_FIR.m_firKernels[0]) = tile(23,0);

The testbench file, test.cpp, is unchanged.