Booting the VCK190 Board - 2023.2 English

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2023.2 English

Flash the sd_card.img to an sd card and boot your VCK190 production board.

Step 1. Ensure your board is powered OFF.

Step 2. Use an SD card writer (such as balenaEtcher) to flash the build/packet_hw/sd_card.img file an SD card.

Step 3. Plug the flashed SD card into the top slot of the VCK190 board.

Step 4. Set the switch SW1 Mode[3:0]=1110 = OFF OFF OFF ON.

Step 5. Connect your computer to the VCK190 board using the included USB cable.

Step 6. Open a TeraTerm terminal and select the correct COM port. Set the port settings to the following:

Port: <COMMXX>
Speed: 115200
Data: 8 bit
Parity: none
Stop Bits: 1 bit
Flow control: none
Transmit delay: 0 msec/char 0 msec/line

Step 7. Power ON the board.

Step 8. Wait until you see the root@versal-rootfs-common-<tools-version> Linux command prompt. Press enter a few times to get past any xinit errors.

Step 9. Run the following commands into the TeraTerm terminal:

cd /mnt/sd-mmcblk0p1
export XILINX_XRT=/usr