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Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine (XD100)

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2023.2 English
Switch Description
-l Runs Vitis compiler in link mode to link XO, O, and XPFM input files and generate an XCLBIN output file.
-t hw_emu Specifies the hardware emulation build target.
-f Specifies the platform (.xpfm) file to which Vitis links input files.
--save-temps Saves intermediate files/directories created during the link process.
-g Generates code for debugging the kernel.
--config \<configuration_file>.ini Specifies a configuration file containing more Vitis compiler switches. This file also describes how many of each PL kernel to instantiate and how to connect the PL kernels to the PLIOs in the AI Engine. The rev0 build uses the config.ini. The rev1 build uses config_2regslice.ini, which contains timing closure techniques.
-o beamforming.rev\<0|1>.\<hw|hw_emu>.xclbin Specifies the name of the output file generated by the v++ command. During the linking process, the output files must end with the .xclbin extension.