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Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine (XD100)

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2023.2 English

This design uses the chain down-converter 5/7 and up-converter 7/5 using streaming interfaces but there is no repetition count indicated in the graph code.

make VERSION=0 clean stream aie

As exposed in the console window, the default repetition rate for the two kernels is 1:


INFO: [aiecompiler 77-5917] Repetition count for G.G2_norep.k1 is 1.
INFO: [aiecompiler 77-5917] Repetition count for G.G2_norep.k2 is 1.


You can run the simulation with a time limitation:

make STOP=10000 aiesim_stop

The Trace view can be seen in the following image:

No image!!

In the previous image, you can see that the down-converter is running four times for the four iterations, but the up-converter is waiting for new data. The down-converter gets 2240 samples and produces 1600 samples. The up-converter is waiting for 2240 samples, but gets only 1600, so it waits for the remaining block of data, generating a stream stall event.