PL Master Kernels - 2023.2 English

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2023.2 English

The PL master kernels are the dlbf_data, dlbf_coeff, ulbf_data, and ulbf_coeff kernels. A dlbf_data PL kernel stores the reference input data matrices for the downlink subgraph in the AI Engine graph. The dlbf_coeff PL kernel stores the reference input coefficients for the downlink subgraph. The ulbf_data PL kernel stores the input data for the uplink subgraph. The ulbf_coeff stores the input coefficient data for the uplink subgraph.

Open the Vivado projects for these PL kernels and review their source code. They are all composed of the same modules: a AXI BRAM Controller IP, a control status register (CSR) module, a clock domain crossing (CDC) module, and multiple data master modules. The data master modules are initialized with the reference input data and input coefficients from *_hex.mem files in the data/ folder.