HLS PL Kernels - 2023.2 English

Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine (XD100)

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2023.2 English

After coming up with 400 tile AI Engine design, the next step is the come up with the way to move data from DDR send it to the AI Engine. We do this by using the the AMD Vitis™ core development kit, to create kernel code in C++ meant to be accelerated on the FPGA. The kernel code is compiled by the Vitis Compiler (v++ -c) into kernel objects (XO). The following is a table describing each HLS PL kernel.

Kernel Name Description Fmax
m2s_x2 Dual-channel data-mover that moves data from DDR to AXI4-Stream. 411 MHz
packet_sender Packet switching kernel that packetizes AXI4-Stream data by generating a header packet and appropriately asserting TLAST 580 MHz
packet_receiver Packet switching kernel that evaluates packet headers from incoming streams and reroutes data to one of 4 AXI4-Streams 499.5 MHz
s2m_x4 Quad-channel data-mover that moves data from AXI4-Stream to DDR. 411 MHz

Using Vivado timing closure techniques, you can increase the FMax if needed. To showcase the example, integrate using the 300 MHz clock. There is also a 400 MHz timing-closed design in the beamforming tutorial.

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