Feature Tutorials - 2023.2 English

Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine (XD100)

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2023.2 English

The AIE-ML Development Feature Tutorials highlight specific features and flows that help develop AIE-ML applications.



A to Z Bare-metal Flow

This tutorial walks through the steps to create a custom Baremetal platform, and also integrate Baremetal host application along with an AI Engines graph and PL kernels.

Using GMIO with AIE

This tutorial introduces the usage of global memory I/O (GMIO) for sharing data between the AI Engine-ML (AIE-ML) and external DDR.

Runtime Parameter Reconfiguration

Learn how to dynamically update AI Engine-ML (AIE-ML) runtime parameters.

Packet Switching

This tutorial illustrates how to use data packet switching with AI Engine-ML (AIE-ML) designs to optimize efficiency.

AI Engine Versal Integration for Hardware Emulation and Hardware

This tutorial demonstrates creating a system design running on the AI Engine-ML (AIE-ML), PS, and PL and validating the design running on these heterogeneous domains by running Hardware Emulation.

AI Engine-ML Performance Analysis Tutorial

This tutorial introduces you to performance analysis and optimization methods, and shows you how synchronization works in graph execution. It also demonstrates the analysis of a hang issue using an example.

AIE Compiler Features

This tutorial shares a variety of features that are useful for AI Engine / AI Engine-ML (AIE-ML) programming to create more visible and efficient code compared to early versions of the compiler.