Trace Report in the Output Console - 2023.2 English

Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine (XD100)

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2023.2 English

This is in continuation to the Trace Report in the File topic. Here, try to look at the trace events in the console, rather than opening the file,

NOTE: Make sure you are still using the design changes that are done as part of exercising the deadlock situation.

  1. Make sure the AI Engine component is successfully built for X86 Simulation target.

  2. Open the launch configuration settings and select the Enable trace print option.

  3. Run x86simulation by selecting the Run option under X86SIMULATION in Flow navigator.

  4. Observe the output in the console that has timestamp, internal name of the kernel, and event type.

    x86simulator --pkg-dir=./Work --i=.. --trace-print
    INFO: Reading options file './Work/options/x86sim.options'.
       351664               strmbrdcst_i3_po1                    thread begin 0
       565999               strmbrdcst_i3_po1              stream stall begin 7
       353987                   platformIn_i0                    thread begin 0
       381566                  platformOut_i1                    thread begin 0
       426106                  platformOut_i2                    thread begin 0
       524589                          ker_i3                    thread begin 0
       746420                          ker_i3        kernel wait on run begin 0

    Here you can notice that the output in the console is not as polished as the file generated by --trace. But this is useful when your design runs for long time, and you wish to see the event while the simulation is running.

You may uncheck the Trace print option to exercise the other options. Also revert any changes to the source files.