Performance of the AI Engine Using the Hardware Emulation Results - 2023.2 English

Vitis Tutorials: AI Engine (XD100)

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2023.2 English

This section walks you through profiling the AI Engine as part of running the hardware emulation and calculate the throughput of the design considering the system as a whole, i.e., when the MM2S module is transferring data to the AI Engine, the AI Engine computes the output and transferrs the data to the S2MM module. Also note, in this case, the PS is controlling both the PL and AI Engine. Compare the throughput of the design with the AI Engine as a standalone module(aiesimulation results).

  1. In the Vitis IDE, go to Flow Navigator -> [system_project] component -> Vitis -> Start Emulation.

  2. Add the -aie-sim-options {PROJECT_PATH}/aie_component/build/hw/aiesimulator_output/aiesim_options.txt in the Emulator Arguments option, and click Start.

  3. Now the hardware emulation launches and starts the QEMU emulation environment. The Emulation console shows a transcript of the QEMU launch and Linux boot process.

  4. Once the boot completes in the Vitis IDE, run the application using Run on the system project.

  5. This runs the application and shows TEST PASSED in the output console.

  6. Duble-click the System_Project -> HARDWARE EMULATION -> Reports -> Summary file. This opens the summary file {PROJECT_PATH}/system_project/build/hw_emu/package/package/sim/behav_waveform/xsim path in the Vitis Analyzer.

  7. As you observe, it carry forwards the aiesimulator options specified in aiesimulator_output/aiesim_options and provides the results.