Building the Design: Hardware Emulation - 2023.2 English

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2023.2 English

For hardware emulation, the –-package command adds the PDI and EMULATION_DATA sections to the XCLBIN file and outputs a new XCLBIN file (a.xclbin):

make package


make package TARGET=hw_emu MAIN=main_partial


v++ -p                                                                                           \
    -t hw_emu                                                                                    \
    -f ../Module_01_Custom_Platform/build/output/vck190_v1_0/export/vck190_v1_0/vck190_v1_0.xpfm \
    --package.out_dir build/hw_emu_main_partial/hw_emu_main_partial.package                      \
    --package.domain aiengine                                                                    \
    --package.boot_mode=sd                                                                       \
    --package.image_format=fat32                                                                 \
    --package.ps_elf ../Module_05_Baremetal_Host_Application/build/main_partial_ps.elf,a72-0     \
    ../Module_04_AI_Engine_and_PL_Integration/build/rev1/hw_emu/beamforming.rev1.hw_emu.xclbin   \

Notice the absence of the -D__PS_ENABLE_AIE__ (Module 05) and –package.defer_aie_run options (Module 06). This bare-metal application is loaded and launched at boot time and these options are not required. In Modules 08 and 09, you will compile the Linux host application and package. These options are required at this point because the Linux host application launches and controls the graph.