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2023.2 English
Design Build

Design Build

In this section, you learn to build and run the Matrix Multiplication design using the DSP58 Engines in Versal device. You will compile the design and integrate it into a larger system design (including the PS host application).

The Makefile used to build the design takes 2 user inputs from command line. These are - TARGET (hw/hw_emu) GEMM_SIZE (32, 64, 128, 256, 512 or 1024)

Based on these inputs, the design flow will generate a new directory (called build/). Underneath are subdirectories named gemm_GEMM_SIZExGEMM_SIZExGEMM_SIZE. For example if GEMM_SIZE is given as 64, a subdirectory named gemm_64x64x64 will be created under build directory. Underneath, hw_emu/ and/or hw/ subfolders will be created. These folders contain a host app executable and the builds targeted to hw or hw_emu respectively. The hw_emu/ subfolder contains the build for hardware emulation. The hw/ subfolder contains the build for a hardware run on a VCK190 board.

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