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AXI DMA LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG021)

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The AXI DMA core is designed to be connected through the AXI Interconnect in the user system. A typical MicroBlaze™ processor configuration is shown in This Figure . The system microprocessor has access to the AXI DMA through the AXI4-Lite interface. An integrated Scatter/Gather Engine fetches buffer descriptors from system memory which then coordinates primary data transfers between AXI IP and DDRx. Optional control and status streams provide packet-associated information, such as checksum offload control/status, to and from an Ethernet based IP. The dual interrupt output of the AXI DMA core is routed to the System Interrupt Controller.

Figure 3-1: Typical MicroBlaze Processor System Configuration (AXI Ethernet)

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The AXI DMA core can also be connected to a user system other than with an Ethernet-based AXI IP. Control and status streams are optional and can be used with Ethernet based IP cores only.

Note: In the absence of any setup (that is, before it is programmed to run), AXI DMA will pull the s_axis_s2mm_tready signal Low after taking in four beats of streaming data. This will throttle the input data stream. To have a minimum amount of throttling, ensure that the AXI DMA is set up to run much before the actual data arrives.