MM2S_CURDES_MSB (MM2S DMA Current Descriptor Pointer Register - Offset 0Ch) - 7.1 English

AXI DMA LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG021)

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7.1 English

This register provides the upper 32 bits of Current Descriptor Pointer for the Memory Map to Stream DMA Scatter Gather Descriptor Management. This is applicable only when address space is more than 32 bits.

Figure 2-5: MM2S CURDESC_MSB Register

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Table 2-9: MM2S_CURDESC_MSB Register Details


Field Name

Default Value

Access Type


31 to 0

Current Descriptor Pointer




Indicates the pointer of the current descriptor being worked on. This register must contain a pointer to a valid descriptor prior to writing the TAILDESC_PTR register. Otherwise, undefined results occur. When DMACR.RS is 1, CURDESC_PTR becomes Read Only (RO) and is used to fetch the first descriptor.

When the DMA Engine is running (DMACR.RS=1), CURDESC_PTR registers are updated by AXI DMA to indicate the current descriptor being worked on.

On error detection, CURDESC_PTR is updated to reflect the descriptor associated with the detected error.

Note: The register can only be written to by the CPU when the DMA Engine is Halted (DMACR.RS=0 and DMASR.Halted =1). At all other times, this register is Read Only (RO). Descriptors must be 16 word aligned, that is, 0x00, 0x40, 0x80 and others. Any other alignment has undefined results.