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AXI DMA LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG021)

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7.1 English

The AXI control stream is provided from the Scatter Gather Descriptor to a target device for User Application data. The control data is associated with the MM2S primary data stream and can be sent out of AXI DMA prior to, during, or after the primary data packet. Throttling by the target device is allowed, and throttling by AXI DMA can occur. This Figure shows an example of how descriptor User Application fields are presented on the AXI control stream. AXI DMA inserts a flag indicating the data type to the target device. This is sent as the first word. For Ethernet, the control tag is 0xA in the four Most Significant Bits (MSBs) of the first word.

Figure 2-37: Example User Application Field / Timing for MM2S Control Stream

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