AXI Status Stream - 7.1 English

AXI DMA v7.1 LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG021)

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7.1 English

The AXI status stream is provided for transfer of target device status to User Application data fields in the Scatter Gather descriptor. The status data is associated with the S2MM primary data stream. As shown in the following figure, the status packet updates to the app fields of the detected last descriptor (RXEOF = 1) describing the packet. Normally, the status stream should come at the start of the S2MM data stream. If the Use RxLength In Status Stream is disabled, then the status stream can come at any time during the course of the S2MM frame. The End of Frame (EOF) Buffer Descriptor (BD) update would happen only when the entire status stream is received.

Figure 1. Example User Application Field/Timing for S2MM Status Stream