MII Interface - 4.1 English

10G/25G High Speed Ethernet Subsystem Product Guide (PG210)

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4.1 English

This interface is used to connect to the physical layer, where this is a separate device or implemented in the FPGA beside the Ethernet MAC core. The following table shows the port associated with this interface.

Table 1. MII Interface
Name I/O Clock Domain Description
rx_mac_mii_d[63:0]/rx_mii_d I rx_mii_clk Receive Data from PHY
rx_mac_mii_c[7:0]/rx_mii_c I rx_mii_clk Receive Control from PHY
rx_mac_mii_clk/rx_mii_clk I   Received clock connected from PHY
rx_mac_mii_reset/rx_mii_reset I rx_mii_clk Reset signal received from PHY
tx_mac_mii_d[63:0]/tx_mii_d O tx_mii_clk Transmit Data to PHY
tx_mac_mii_c[7:0]/tx_mii_c O tx_mii_clk Transmit Control to PHY
tx_mac_mii_clk/tx_mii_clk O   XGMII output clock sent to external PHY
tx_mac_mii_reset/tx_mii_reset O tx_mii_clk Reset signal sent to external PHY