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UltraScale Architecture Soft Error Mitigation Controller LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG187)

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3.1 English

Beyond monitoring and testing, the Monitor Interface can also be used to implement an interactive soft error mitigation solution that is custom to the design needs. The Monitor Interface can be used to log any soft errors detected by the controller and take action based on the type of errors that occur rather than relying on the built-in IP feature (that is, Mitigation modes to perform correction).

For example, you can choose to only log errors as a soft error mitigation strategy but only perform device reconfiguration after approximately 10 errors have accumulated.

One method to implement this is by configuring the SEM controller in Emulation mode and issuing different types of error detection commands (Detect only or Diagnostic Scan) through the Monitor Interface. You can command the SEM controller to perform Detect only scan right after it completes initialization. After an error is detected and reported, the IP transitions to the Idle state. Now, you can periodically (for example, once a day) perform a Diagnostic Scan to track and log the number of accumulated errors. After it reaches 10 errors, the system can halt, reconfigure the device, and restart. You can also achieve the same strategy by configuring the SEM controller in Detect mode and issuing Diagnostic Scan commands after the first error is detected.

Note: AMD does not guarantee the functionality of the device if soft errors are left to accumulate and the device is not reconfigured to its original state.

The following section discusses the UART Interface behavior.