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UltraScale Architecture Soft Error Mitigation Controller LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG187)

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3.1 English

The maximum frequency of operation of the SEM controller is not guaranteed. In no case can the maximum frequency of operation exceed the ICAP FMax specified in the relevant device data sheet as configuration interface AC timing parameter FICAPCK . The following table provides a summary of ICAP FMax values.

Table 1. ICAP Maximum Frequencies
Device ICAP FMax (MHz)
UltraScale Kintex 200
Virtex 200
Kintex SSI 200
Virtex SSI 200
All Devices (0.9V, -1L) 175
UltraScale+ Kintex 200
Virtex 200
Virtex SSI 125
AMD Zynq™ UltraScale+ devices 200
All Devices (0.72V, -1L, -2L) 150

Other maximum frequency limitations might apply. For more details on determining the maximum frequency of operation for the SEM controller, see System Clock Interface.