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UltraScale Architecture Soft Error Mitigation Controller LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG187)

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3.1 English

The controller executes error detection monitoring in the Detect only state. In this state, the controller continuously monitors the device configuration memory for errors (frame level ECC and device level CRC), and ECC-based ROM and auxiliary errors. When an error is detected, the controller reports the error through the Monitor Interface. Next, the controller transitions to the Idle state.

Only one command is supported in Detect only state, the Enter Idle command. The controller ignores all other commands.

Enter Idle
This command can be applied through either the Command Interface or the Monitor Interface. This is used to idle the controller so that other commands can be performed. This command causes the controller to transition to the Idle state.

The controller enters the Detect only state in two cases:

Case 1
Controller is configured in Detect mode which means that it transitions into the Detect only state once it completes initialization.
Case 2
Controller is commanded to enter the state from Idle state. The command can be given through the Command or Monitor Interface.