Xil_TestMem16 - 2021.1 English

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2021.1 English

Perform a destructive 16-bit wide memory test.

Note: Used for spaces where the address range of the region is smaller than the data width. If the memory range is greater than 2 ** Width, the patterns used in XIL_TESTMEM_WALKONES and XIL_TESTMEM_WALKZEROS will repeat on a boundary of a power of two making it more difficult to detect addressing errors. The XIL_TESTMEM_INCREMENT and XIL_TESTMEM_INVERSEADDR tests suffer the same problem. Ideally, if large blocks of memory are to be tested, break them up into smaller regions of memory to allow the test patterns used not to repeat over the region tested.


s32 Xil_TestMem16(u16 *Addr, u32 Words, u16 Pattern, u8 Subtest);


The following table lists the Xil_TestMem16 function arguments.

Table 1. Xil_TestMem16 Arguments
Name Description
Addr pointer to the region of memory to be tested.
Words length of the block.
Pattern constant used for the constant Pattern test, if 0, 0xDEADBEEF is used.
Subtest type of test selected. See xil_testmem.h for possible values.