XilSKey_EfusePl_Program - 2021.1 English

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2021.1 English

Programs PL eFUSE with input data given through InstancePtr.

Note: When this API is called: Initializes the timer, XADC/xsysmon and JTAG server subsystems. Returns an error in the following cases, if the reference clock frequency is not in the range or if the PL DAP ID is not identified, if the system is not in a position to write the requested PL eFUSE bits (because the bits are already written or not allowed to write) if the temperature and voltage are not within range.


u32 XilSKey_EfusePl_Program(XilSKey_EPl *PlInstancePtr);


The following table lists the XilSKey_EfusePl_Program function arguments.

Table 1. XilSKey_EfusePl_Program Arguments
Type Name Description
Commented parameter InstancePtr does not exist in function XilSKey_EfusePl_Program. InstancePtr Pointer to PL eFUSE instance which holds the input data to be written to PL eFUSE.


  • XST_FAILURE - In case of failure
  • XST_SUCCESS - In case of Success